Mobile Healthcare in Penticton and Okanagan areas

Konanz Mobile Healthcare is a division of Konanz Chiropractic that can bring healthcare to your work site or workplace in Penticton. It consists of chiropractic, massage therapy, stretch therapy and a certified clinical psychologist to provide clinic hours on site.

Musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions are the largest burden of illness on the economy in Canada and the second largest source of workplace absenteeism in North America.

Our workforce is changing and dwindling as the aging population retires and birth rates continue to decrease. In addition to measures to attract a quality workforce, employers need to ensure that it is investing in keeping an active and productive workforce.

Dr Konanz was contracted to do this for the old Okanagan Falls Weyrhauser mill. Weyhauaser reported that in mills in which they had the program they reported, a decrease in WorkSafe BC claims, an increase in productivity and even less confrontational contract negotiations. They reported that the program saved them substantial dollars with healthier employees. Dr Konanz has been part of the health of the penticton Vees for 19 years that provides on site care for its players and staff.

Konanz Mobile Healthcare can customize the care and professionals that will suite your unique work environment. Konanz Mobile Healthcare can supplement your workplace health initiatives and do mini health seminars as needed. Contact Us for a consultation to see how Konanz Mobile Healthcare can give your company a distinct edge in your business.