“We have been going to Dr. Konanz for over 15 years. We suffered from sports related injuries that resulted in back and shoulder problems. After some regular visits and then monthly maintenance we have enjoyed many healthy years of an active lifestyle.Our daughters (age 5 & 7) have been adjusted since birth. We read that chiropractic care helps with ear infections and sleep habits in small children. Both our children sleep well and have avoided ear infections. They look forward to their monthly visits with Dr. Konanz and we firmly believe that these regular adjustments have contributed to their overall health and well being.” ~The Bird Family (Jodi, Keith, Emma & Chelsea

I can’t say enough about Ask-Him’s chiropractor, Dr. Konanz!  When Ask-Him was 14 months old after a sudden twist, his left hind leg would not go down.  I rushed him to Dr. K right away and within 10 minutes he was fixed and promptly went into a corner to sleep!  Ask-Him at 5 yrs; was run over by  large mountain bike sustaining a painful and serious upper spinal disalignment.  Dr. K saw him after a few days once the swelling had decreased; and again was completely fixed by 1 treatment.  Ask-Him at 6yrs;  twisted wrong agian and was instantly unable to move, walk, or bark.  It took 3 visits in 2 weeks, but Dr. Konanz once again gave me a complete healthy dog.I don’t know what I would do if there wasn’t chiropractic treatments by Dr. Konanz. I most highly recommend that you have your pets examined at least once a year and always go chiropractic for any ailments that could benefit as we human do before going to the vet.  Ask-Him’s regular routine is a yearly (if not sooner check-up).  He loves it! ~Alexa La Madrid
Ask-Him | Alexa La Madrid
When we were out walking one day, our dog Meko was attacked by another dog.  Her injuries had her tucking one of her hind legs in to her body, and hobbling around on three legs.  We took her to Dr. Konanz for adjustment, and within a couple of visits we could see a lot of improvement.  A couple a weeks later, Meko was walking normally. Meko was a senior dog, so we decided to take her with us on our monthly adjustments with Dr. Konanz.  We could tell immediately after each treatment Meko was felling better.  She’d have more “pep in her step” and found the leap into our car much easier. – Mike & Jennifer Mlazgar
Miko- Mike & Jennifer Mlazger
In 2001, suffering with acute sciatica, I received my first chiropractic treatment from Dr. Konanz, resulting in immediate relief from pain. Since then, with  monthly treatments, I am able to live a comfortable, active life. Why continue with treatments? Regular chiropractic alignment of my spine and joints is the foundation of my wellness plan.
Lauraine Bailie